A college run by the Jesuit society of Nepal under the direct management, guidance, and supervision of Jesuit Fathers. A very well-maintained academic and spiritual ambiance ideal for the teaching-learning process. The two-year program includes the following aspects:

1. Practical work, Project Work/Field Visit

The new course is designed to encompass both a theoretical and practical framework while engaging in teaching-learning processes. Students are required to enhance their skills in research, observation, data collection, analysis and presentation. To achieve these objectives of the syllabus, we involve the students in the following activities:

  1. Project work
  2. Research training that includes field visit, observation, data collection, and analysis
  3. Report writing
  4. Laboratory experiments
  5. Periodic Symposia, Seminars, and Conferences
  6. Presentation of reports in different platforms
  7. Annual exhibition

2. Lab Facilities

All students of grade 11 and 12 have access to fully equipped laboratories that allow our students to actually carry out the experiments as prescribed by the syllabus, we have

  1. Physics Lab
  2. Chemistry Lab
  3. Botany Lab
  4. Zoology Lab
  5. Computer Lab

3. Other facilities

  1. Multimedia classrooms
  2. Library with separate study and discussion chambers
  3. Computer with internet access and printing facility
  4. Robotics Lab
  5. Photo-copy facility
  6. Auditorium Hall
  7. Basketball courts
  8. Cricket Court
  9. Conference hall
  10. Drinking water facility on each floor