We, at NHI’s pride ourselves on providing students with quality education. This is not only limited to academics but expands to helping our students better their quality of life. This is achieved by integrating intellectual growth with physical, spiritual, emotional and social development through various methods and activities.

Being an agent of transformation, we foster the holistic growth of students by providing students with ample opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities. They have the choice of engaging in different activities through the club and best performers are awarded with prizes, medals and scholarships.

Plus Two Sports Day

NHI-Sports Club annually organizes Plus Two Sports Day which lasts two days. It is a multi-event gaming competition for the students of Plus Two. This activity includes various sports like basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, chess; track & field. Winners as an individual or team are awarded with medals and certificates on the occasion of the College Day ceremony.

NHI-Cycle Rally

NHI-SET Council annually organizes NHI-Cycle Rally to generate mass awareness about contemporary social issues, environmental concerns, their solutions and implications. For the fulfilment the objective of the program, participation of students, parents, collaborators, individuals from various professions, invited guest are highly encouraged.

NHI SET Exhibition

NHI-SET council annually held “Social Service, Environment and Technology Exhibition”. It is a contest-based exhibition. It serves as a platform for the students to showcase their talent through innovative projects based on society, environment and technology. This educational fair encourages students from inside and outside NHI’s College to use their theoretical and practical knowledge in everyday life. This exhibition aims at broadening the awareness of the public on various contemporary information from the field of social service, environment and technology.

Literary Contests

NHI- Literary Club annually organizes story writing and essay writing contests in the field of Nepali and English. The Club also organizes a poetry contest called “Prawah Kavi Gosthi”. The purpose of the Literary Contest is to recognize and reward excellence in the student writing while allowing freedom of choice in expression, style and subject matter.

Cleaning Campaign

NHI-Eco club annually organizes a cleaning campaign in collaboration with NHI-SET Council. The purpose of the campaign is to develop awareness among the students and the society to maintain pollution free environment, conservation of nature for the betterment of living beings.

Blood Donation Program

NHI-Social Service Club annually organizes a blood donation program in collaboration with the Nepal Red Cross Society. This event aims to further disseminate the importance of donating blood to save lives. The club encourage students, teachers and staff members to donate blood voluntarily to support the operation of safe and reliable blood services.


NHI-Sports Club annually organizes a mini-marathon starting from the college. After covering a distance of a few kilometers, the journey ends at the college itself. The club encourages our students and students from other schools/colleges, parents, teachers, staff and guests to participate in the event to generate awareness in the society.

Maths Quiz, Mela & Olympiad

SODALITUS DE MATHEMATICA annually organizes various contests such as Maths Quiz, Maths Mela, Maths Hunt and Maths Olympiad. The purpose of these competition-based events is to understand and express the mathematical formulas in a creative ways

Public Speaking and Debate contests

NHI-Agora Club organizes annual public speaking and debating contests. The aim of the Activities are to impart the skill for drafting ideas and argument, articulation of thoughts, discussion of burning issues, etc.


NHI-Eco Club annually organizes a drama based on contemporary socio-environmental issues. The purpose of the activity is to raise awareness among students on various socio-environmental issues.

Seminar and Symposium

“Club de Chemia '' annually organizes mini conferences in the field of chemistry. Besides, students of grade 11 & 12 are encouraged to participate in the seminars and symposiums organized by the department of microbiology and physics. The purpose of the activities is to enhance the ideas and skills of the students in the fields of research works.