It started its academic journey in 2046 B.S. (1989AD) in the name of New Horizon with unparalleled commitment to academic excellence, under the efficient management of time and devoted academicians, social workers' philanthropist, business community, professors and lecturers, professional teachers, eminent sport- personalities and most responsible local residents. It has continued to proceed its venture to success for past decades and even celebrated its Grand Silver Jubilee occasion in 2071 (2014 A.D.) inaugurated by the honorable Education Minister Chitra Lekha Yadav.
It proceeds its journey with leaps and bounds to attend its newer and greater summit.And it's all because of its qualified and dedicated management team, the most committed staff and personnel and the sound infrastructural design to equip its students and marvel towards the path of success in the national and international Academic Arena.Therefore; this institution is objected to extend the right lead for the right foundation of academic advancement to the youths of this 21st century.

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Doing right thing, at right time.

  • To generate skilled and veteran academic manpower for the country and abroad.  
  • To create truly professional and socially responsible, healthy and moral citizen.
  • To impart a complete package in the form of academic and extra-curricular activities to the complete growth and over-all development of student’s future.
  • To provide nationally and internationally recognized quality education to explore development opportunities in local and foreign work etc.
  • To enhance and enrich the IQ and level of maturity with the sense of reasoning and self-judgment.
  • To update students according to the changing global market demands and make them resourceful.
  • To develop humanity, brother-hood and cultural harmony among the learners for national integrity and global fraternity.


We Make The Most Of All Our Students.

We of New Horizon School Butwal / are a community of persons / who devote ourselves / to the education and personal formation / of our students / their parents and each other.

We aim at educational excellence / spiritual growth and social justice / for the active service of God / Nepal and the human community.

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#Welcome To New Horizon School

Message From The Principal

It is a privilege on my part to drop a few words of thanks to all of our Board members, guardians and ex-students for their sincere effort and timely suggestions to boost this institution reach to this extend. I am especially thankful to all the associates of this institution who worked hand in hand together to provide it a present day look. Yet, a lot has to be done to actualize the dream of New Horizon. Even, it was impossible without the great initiation of our parents, our diligent students and dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff as well as the kind assistance of the management executives, who extended their helping hands to destine the present status of New Horizon.
          Now, the time has come to renovate and advance our learning pedagogy so, we have forwarded our new concept of technical learning e-learning as the smart class to promote over-all growth. This Institution has always been committed to 'Quality Education' and it's next to impossible until and unless, something extra is well designed. So, with this point in view, we have engaged zonal level and national level coaches for Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis etc. It's the age of recreational learning, so classrooms are to be designed in a natural manner. So we have structured the well aerated rooms, with well-conditioned furniture sets, with tremor resistant infrastructure for learner's safety and security. Our never tiring delicate minds who toil day and night not only to maintain their individual academic excellence but to uplift this institution to the national level and even up to the global scenario have been our great plus point 
          I am really thankful to all those who are associated directly or indirectly to New Horizon and also express my heartiest felicitation to those brilliant minds who maintained academic standard  and aided New Horizon to reach to this extent. I shall be very optimistically looking forward to any valuable advice or kind suggestions on your part as a well wishers of this esteemed institution.
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