NHI Scount Organizes Event

Jan 11th, 2023

New Horizon School held its annual Scout Event over the weekend, bringing together students from all grade levels to participate in a variety of outdoor activities and competitions.

The event, which is designed to promote teamwork, leadership, and self-reliance, kicked off early Saturday morning with an opening ceremony attended by school officials, parents, and students. The Scouts then split into teams and participated in various challenges throughout the day, including orienteering, first aid, and wilderness survival skills.

The highlight of the event was the "Scout's Own" campfire, where students gathered around the fire to share stories, songs and reflect on the experiences of the day. The campfire was led by the school's Scout leader, who emphasized the importance of being prepared and working together in the wilderness.

The event was a huge success, with many students and parents praising the organization and execution of the event. The school's Scout leader, who organized the event, was thrilled to see the students enjoying themselves while learning valuable life skills.

"We are so proud of the students for participating in this event and taking advantage of the opportunity to learn valuable skills that will serve them well in the future," said the school's principal. "We believe that the Scout event provides a great platform for developing leadership, teamwork and self-reliance in our students."

The school's Scout program is open to students of all grade levels, and events like the Scout Event are held throughout the year to encourage participation and provide opportunities for growth and development.

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