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Annual General Assembly 2074

Narayan Thapa
President | ANH

The professional linkage among alumni of New Horizon helps in professional development and developing networks among alumni who work in the same thematic areas in different corners of the world. This hidden potential of networking among alumni working in the similar professional areas needs to be tapped such that benefit of this linkage is felt by the individual alumnus, the professional field and society atlarge. We have already started maintaining a database of alumni so that professionally network could be strengthened. I urge all fellow alumni to provide details of their professional engagements in the database through the weblink I urge all alumni to contribute to the cause of strengthening professional and personal networking among alumni in whatever capacity we can. With thousands of alumni scattered globally, strengthening professional network is a crucial and timely issue that needs to be addressed. To that effort, ground works and consultations are underway to propose and plan for meet not only in Butwal but also in other places like Kathmandu and beyond. Let us all join hands to relive a part of our school life through meeting friends in school and also establish professional linkage.

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