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Who are We?

It started its academic journey in 2046 B.S. (1989AD) in the name of New Horizon, with unparalleled commitment to academic excellence, under the efficient management of time and devoted academicians, social workers’ philanthropist, business community, professors and lecturers, professional teachers, eminent sport- personalities and most responsible local residents. It has continued to proceed its venture to success for past decades and even celebrated its Grand Silver Jubilee occasion in 2071 (2014 A.D.) inaugurated by the honorable Education Minister Chitra Lekha Yadav. It proceeds its journey with leaps and bounds to attend its newer and greater summit. And it’s all because of its qualified and dedicated management team, the most committed staff and personnel and the sound infrastructural design to equip its students and marvel towards the path of success in the national and international Academic Arena. Therefore; this institution is objected to extend the right lead for the right foundation of academic advancement to the youths of this 21st century.

New Horizon’s Vision: ‘We nurture’

· To develop this institute as an excellent academic center for each faculties of learning such as, Humanities, Science, Management, Computer, Nursing education etc. as per the national and international standard.

·  To be an academic excellence opts to pursue university according to the provision of Provincial state.

·  Produce the most reliant and self-designed morale citizens.

·   Develop the versatility of every student according to their perceptive intelligence.

·   Make students career oriented and focus on the practical approach of learning.

·   Promote interpersonal skills, including self-management, leadership, and social harmony.

·  Adopt learning as a lifelong process, value, our diversified culture and physiographic diversity and honor each other’s sentiment and feelings.


 - To generate skilled and veteran academic manpower for the country and abroad. - To create truly professional and socially responsible, healthy and morale citizen. - To impart a complete package in the form of academic and extra-curricular activities to the complete growth and over-all development of student’s future.

- To provide nationally and internationally recognized quality education to explore development opportunities in local and foreign work etc.

 - To enhance and enrich the IQ and level of maturity with the sense of reasoning and self-judgment.

 - To up-date students according to the changing global market demands and make them resourceful.

- To develop humanity, brother hood and cultural harmony among the learners for national integrity and global fraternity.

Program offered

It imparts various junior and senior level programs for Management, Science Humanities, etc. as per the syllabus designed by the Ministry of Education Curriculum Development Center {CDC}, and Tribhuwan University and Pokhara University following unique methodology, emphasizing periodical assessment test. We provide programs such as BBA, BBA-BBI, BHM, BBS, MBS. The Program at New Horizon is divided into various subject combinations as per the choice and preferences of the students.

Infrastructural design and services

In the present day context, quality education without sound infrastructure can’t be imagined. A strong infrastructure is also an impediment in creating conducive academic atmosphere to create right mood of learning among the students. In order to create a cordial learning environment, This institution has also well-designed different blocks for each level of learners from Pre-Nursery to Masters Level, with a very scientific, spacious, open building located within the municipality of Rupandehi and even Tansen, Palpa. Each setting is established, covering a minimum area of 15 to 20 hectares of land, with every provision of modern academic arena.

Room setting and amenities:

Our classrooms are well-structured in different blocks facilitated with every communication network; smart boards, computer labs, each room with different set furniture, and table for individual student, according to their level of learning. The classrooms cover mostly the area of 20’/20’-25’/25’ spacious enough well ventilated clean and tidy with the provision of white board. CCT Cameras are located as per requirement. ¯ Laboratories: A well-facilitated science lab is established in high school level, with provision for every experiment and practical skills of learning science. A timely schedule is managed for practical classes in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and management with slide preparations and radical tests. Our labs are well-equipped with the latest apparatus to meet the academic necessities of science and management students of each group. At school, the labs are accommodated with all the scientific spotting, latest dissecting apparatus, lab boys and special cabins for Biogroup and other physical groups, with separate laboratories for scientific experiments. Our lecturers and teachers believe on the ideology ‘Example is better than Precept’.

Computer Labs:

They are well furnished with the latest set of furniture designed especially for ICT promotion where more than 40 students can be accommodated at a time for computer learning. The labs are well-linked with internet facilities, creating the entire institution a WIFI Zone. This makes the student and the staff well-updated with the latest information technology, resource and innovation in every regard. Even computer has been introduced as the major subject of study in +1/+2 level as an option to biology as well as business management. In each block, three computer labs are established for different level of learners (junior and senior). Realizing the need of time computer has been included as a compulsory subject from standard II to Grade X level. By the time, students complete their S.E.E., they are already trained with Basic and intermediate level of computer skills like typing skills, Q basic, programming.


Smart class:

With the changing trend of teaching pedagogy, we have even introduced the latest technology of e-learning as smart Class, teaching in smart labs connected with internet to provide global access of learning to each and every student. The smart courses designed by CDC are well installed along with Midas E-class packages up to grade X for making each smart class room effective. There are 6 smart labs established in junior block II to VII at Kalikanagar and 4 in senior block VIII to XII to impart alternative smart teaching of different subjects, which has helped students to develop their inter personal skills of communication and even involved in participatory activities through listening and communicative skills.


A well-furnished couple of auditorium with capacity of 150 and 250 audience with air condition, musical setting, projectors is also an added asset of this institution where not only schools program are conducted but often many local gatherings, parents counselling, programs and programs related to NELTA Trainings, workshops, etc. are time and again are organized. It has the settings of very comfortable furniture and even an spacious stage to lunch different sorts of programs like debate, cultural shows, quiz, symposium, speeches, etc. for which it has been a common venue for all institutional and non-institutional organizations. A permanent stage has been constructed in order to host different internal and external programs facilitating different cultural show and other open stage competitions.

Our cafeteria:

It’s well furnished with the capacity of about 500 students, with very advanced sets of furniture in each block at Kalikanagar and Devinagar. It provides quality food with hygienic taste and clean environment. The school authority regularly inspect about the quality of food and snacks provided to the students and staff. Special Mini cafeteria for Montessori kids: We love to call it toddler’s kitchen. With changing pace of time, the needs of children and parents are also shifting. Understanding these issue, the institute has recently established a spacious (2500 sq ft) cafeteria for junior block under the guidance of chef with 10 years’ experience in American base kitchen in Afghanistan. The kitchen is dedicated to provide hygienic, clean and nutritious food for our children. During office hour, our valued guardian can visit these blocks without interruption.

Library and Reading Rooms:

A spacious library with the approx capacity of more than 100 students at a time is established in each block in school with every reference book for different faculties like Science, Math, Commerce, etc. Even regular periodicals and newspaper are circulated to the students to promote their extra aptitude of learning. The junior and senior students can enjoy and have a good past time reading magazines, stories, chronicle etc.


Boarders and Day Boarder’s provision A block for more than 400 students, separately for boys and girls, being supervised and guided by Hostel father. Special care and guidance is an important part for the hostel students where the focus is holistic development of the students. The marginal and poor students are specially coached by diligent teachers with 7X24 power back up. Even, there is a provision for regular health checking by the health assistants for both boys and girls along with a provision of visiting doctor, once a week for thorough diagnostic treatment. Transportation: A well-developed network of road transportation within the municipality and even outside has been its outstanding feature; it has more than 10 buses working for different levels and faculties of students in school and college level. They are furnished with gorgeous seats and spacious Gangway for proper passage and accommodation of students. It connects almost all the location of the district, and even Nawalparasi.


Academic Counseling:

Expertise, related to each faculty are invited time and again to train the students and teachers related to the new curriculum and even the existing course of study to make them skilled and well facilitated in their subject. The expertise from the central universities and within the country and abroad are invited as a guest for counseling and training the teachers. For career counseling and behavior counseling, some veteran educationists with versatile talent are invited to motivate the students. Even some spiritual teachers from ‘Art of Leaving’ or Radhe Swami, and other organization like NELTA, Alumni of New Horizon (ANH) are often the part and parcel of student’s motivation classes and behavior shaping.


ECA and Sports Activity

Believing in the slogan “Healthy mind dwells on healthy body” as extra-curricular activities, we have been focusing on cricket, volley ball, football, table tennis, basketball, Taekwondo etc. involving district, national and international level coach like Shakti Gauchan since 2001AD. For last 17 years, it’s all because of him already more than 4 players like Switchen Shah, Sushan Bhari, Prakash Kc, Bishal Khatri and Kushal Malla are enrolled in the national team. Every year even 3 to 4 students are sent to participate in national level games and sports meet like U-16 and U-19 cricket, along with football, basketball, volleyball and T.T. Along with games, but Quiz, Debates, Speeches, singing, music class, dance class etc. are also the main concern of this organization and throughout the year participants are sent to take part in Zonal and National speech and Quiz competitions. Even different clubs like ICT, Literary, English, Junior Red Cross, Lion and Alfa Leo etc. are also established for the overall development of student personality. Besides, even calligraphic development skill is also imparted to train the students for developing their trend of attractive and impressive writing skills. In this way, this well-established organization New Horizon, along with its related wings has been center of attraction for learners of various faculties, not only within the district but from different locations of the country to boost leaders within.


Admission policy

The admission policy is strictly based on merit and age of students. A kid of three years are eligible to join Nursery grade. We intake Pre-nursery and Nursery students twice a year i.e on Saraswoti puja, Magh (December/ january) and in the month of Baisakh( March/April). For other grade KG (Kindergarten to grade IX), we enroll on first week of Baisakh( March/April) based strictly under entrance exam. Similarly for grade XI, we enroll students in the month of Asar/ Shrawan(July/ August) based strictly under entrance exam.

Staff recruiting policy

We recruit our valued staff based on merit. We believe a good teacher is pivotal for educational development of a student and the institute as a whole. A year around, we publish the advertisement through many national dailies wherever and whenever the institute requires qualified staff.



Our achievement

In almost three decade of its history, this school has been praised and awarded for quality education. The students have topped the S.L.C and +2 board several times and produced excellent result. This school has been awarded with regional shields with cash and certificate for seven times. It has also been awarded with the valued certificates as for the largest tax paying educational institute in the district. New Horizon has earnestly worked for the economic security of every staff and personnel involved in this institute with philanthropic motive in order to promote social zeal and impartial service. Shree Kshitiz Saving and Loan cooperative society limited was established in year 2064 BS (2007AD) with more than 500 active members aiding teaching, non-teaching and others. This saving cooperative has been a binding force for all members; founders, administration, teaching, non-teaching and other stakeholders for economic development. Similarly, with only philanthropic motive “we serve” Lions Club of New Horizon” was chartered on 2070BS (2013 AD). And on 2072BS (2015AD), under its sponsorship with involvement of some ex-students Lions Club Butwal Kshitiz was established. These international clubs are serving and promoting people with social zeal.